Request to Chester folk!


Any folk want to get involved in a Loiterers event on the 17th Sept at lunchtime please get in touch via website e-mail.

Will be organising something to protest the proposed Public Space Protection Order that will make lying down in the street and sleeping in the street illegal.


8 comments on “Request to Chester folk!

  1. The problem with the PSPO approach proposed by some councils in their drive to combat so-called ‘anti-social’ behaviour is that its a legal process that does not distinguish between good & bad ‘rough’ sleepers ( or for that matter good or bad beggars etc ).

    Herein lies the ‘implicit’ injustice in this ‘cut-price’ policing method whereby ‘common’ sense & experience tells you that yes there are some ‘unsavoury’ characters you would’nt like to wake up to sleeping on your doorstep, in yer back yard, nevermind yer shop doorway however there are some ‘people’ sleeping rough out there who you may be genuinely more sympathetic towards, people in desparate need of understanding & help.

    The problem is ‘control’ orders & the like do not discriminate between such folk, indeed all are ‘labelled’ criminal & effectively punished regardless of ‘individual’ circumstances. Another example of the 1984 style ‘ironically’ neo-liberal beauracratic dystopian future nightmare vision of ” Justice by Tesco Xpress ” currently creeping up upon & seeking to dominate our world.

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