The Red Shed

A Topical Tale About The Miners’ Strike

“A mighty monologue, rich in the history not only of his own political formation, but also of Britain itself, over the last generation.” – The Scotsman

Mark Thomas outside The Red Shed in Wakefield
Photo by Tracey Moberly

The Red Shed is a 47 foot long, wooden, red, Socialist shed in Wakefield that celebrates 50 years on the planet in September 2016.

It is the place that Mark Thomas first started to perform in public and where he politically came of age as a student involved in the miners’ strike.

This show is Mark’s contribution to the Red Shed’s anniversary.

The battle of politics is remembering over forgetting.

“Slick, crafted, compelling, poignant and bloody funny.” – Three Weeks

“At once intimate, self-deprecating and rambunctious … It is not just what he says, but how he says it that counts.” – The Stage

“Thomas is a terrific performer and raconteur, and he has the gift of making an instant community out of a group of strangers.” – The Guardian

“The show will still leave even the most laissez-faire Thatcherite Tory with food for thought and a reminder as to how deep the scars of that era run.” – The Telegraph

The Scotsman: Fringe First 2016 Award   The Stage Awards: Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016: Special Award


Written and performed by Mark Thomas
Directed by Joe Douglas

Lighting and Set Designer: Kate Bonney
Sound Designer: Michael McCarthy
Researcher: Susan McNicholas
Production and Tour Manager: Tine Selby
Producer and Agent: Mike McCarthy

Produced by Lakin McCarthy in association with West Yorkshire Playhouse