The Trespass Playlist

“This original playlist was created for my friend and fellow obscure music lover Dr Olly Double down in University of Kent. If you like this music you should thank him for our on-going compilation war. ”

Bila – Versatones

RFD Rangoon – Forbidden Five

Calling All Cows – Blues Rockers

Chickie Run – Homer Denison Jr.

Oh! Susanna – Don Charles Presents the Singing Dogs

Enchanted Farm – Forbidden Five

Drums Fell off the Cliff- Ronnie Kae

There was a Fungus Among Us – Hugh Barret and the Victors

I Come to Demolish Cleveland – Stacy Bengal and his Six Outfielders

Mr Ghost Comes to Town-The Five Jones Boys.

Train to Nowhere – The Champs

Jennie Lee – Billy Ward and the Dominoes

The Greasy Chicken – Andre Williams

Topsy Part One and Two – Cozy Cole

Pipeline – Chantays

Moon Race – The Citations

Scorpion – The Carnations

Thunder – Bob Taylor

It’s So Hard to Be Happy – CTMF