100 Acts of Minor Dissent

Mark gave himself one year to commit 100 Acts of Minor Dissent –  from 14 May 2013 to 13 May 2014 – if he failed he pledged to donate £1,000 to UKIP as his forfeit.

If he was successful he would stage an art exhibition of the show.

He committed 104 Acts which were officially counted on the 15th May 2014 at a show in the Leadmill in Sheffield.

The show lasted 5 hours, featured a performance of his play by Nottingham students and a set from Jonny and the Baptists.

Mark bought the audience chips.

As part of the 100 Acts Mark wrote a short play for the political theatre project Theatre Uncut entitled “Church forced to put up gates after font used as Wash Basin by migrants,” it is the story of a right wing newspaper owner taken hostage by his cleaners. It was performed at the Young Vic in 2013 as part of the Theatre Uncut season.

100 Acts of Minor Dissent – The Book

100 Acts of Minor Dissent is an account of an entire year spent living provocatively. From successful campaigns against Royal Parks and multinationals, to arts and crafts with porn mags, from annoying estate agents, to raising cinema workers’ wages, comedian and campaigner Mark Thomas stopped at nothing.

The Acts were sometimes bold, sometimes surreal. Many brought about change and others were done for the sheer hell of it. Whether at the gates of the Saudi Arabian embassy or the checkout at Tesco – people reacted with laughter, shock, outrage and occasionally anger. Sometimes all of the above.

100 Acts of Minor Dissent makes for dangerously inspiring reading.

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Published by September Publishing.

Here’s some of the mischief courtesy of RikkiBlue and September Publishing: