Chester event details

Chester are currently consulting on a PSPO which will outlaw lying down and sleeping in a large part of Chester, as well as busking, begging and feeding birds. So sleeping or lying down could result in an on the spot £100 fine and a criminal record.

Come and join me in a quick forty winks outside Chester town hall at MIDDAY on THURSDAY 17 SEPTEMBER followed by a sleep around the boundary of the proposed area. Lullabies, hot chocolate and a good bedtime story all welcome, In fact anything that will aid a good nap. Let’s snooze away the afternoon or at least a lunchtime!

Shaun the Sheep – 26th September 2015


Some of you may know I have been banned for life from walking in 6 London streets owned and controlled by the Oxford Properties Group, these streets are in Paternoster Sq.

As we have had a right of way on these streets since Anglo Saxon times it seems a tad excessive, as my crime was walking dressed as a sheep.

So I am organising a Mass Trespass of Shaun the Sheep! The aim is to get as many people as possible on to the Square wearing Shaun the Sheep masks and do a walk.

Place: Meet in front of St Paul’s cathedral (Front steps on the West side)

Date: 26th September 2015

Time: Meet at 2.30 – 2:45 pm – grazing, stroling and enjoying the weather will commence at 3pm (Could last 5 minutes if we are asked to leave – if we are not we shall do a walk – 1 hour)


Bring Shaun the Sheep cardboard mask or any sheep type visage though we will bring some along for you to use.

LET’S get as many as possible out there!


PS This is NOT an official Shaun The Sheep Event. The nice people at Aardman (they came to the show and liked it) have asked if we could remind people.



Punk on the Thames – 26th September 2015

After a wander in the City what better way to unwind and relax than a free punk rock gig on the beach of the River Thames. For those in the know on matters of punk rock Oi Polloi are a name to be reckoned with, they are doing a free gig with me compering in the Waterloo area.

Exact time and place to be announced on twitter slightly nearer the time, follow either @jefftest or @loiterers

Here is the leaflet please circulate widely.

New Trespass stickers

As sold at the Trespass shows we have two new stickers in the store.  “Trespassers Welcome” in green on white vinyl at 100mm square and “Loitering in Progress” in red on white vinyl is 235mm x 100mm for those official places where such signs are needed.  Buy one or 3 or more at a discounted price.

Mark’s article about “Trespass” – first published in “The Big Issue”

Ever since I was allowed out I have walked through London ; across common to school, late night treks to Chelsea Bridge to stare into the Thames, marching down Park Lane or bustling to Wardour Street to see the Fall at the Marquee. I have always thought the city was a place for us to ramble and enjoy. I have always thought the city belonged to us. All of us. The mass. No matter what “they” did there would always places for us to play.

I am less convinced this is the case now, though more convinced than ever of the need to do so.

Read more Mark’s article about “Trespass” – first published in “The Big Issue”