Punk on the Thames – 26th September 2015

After a wander in the City what better way to unwind and relax than a free punk rock gig on the beach of the River Thames. For those in the know on matters of punk rock Oi Polloi are a name to be reckoned with, they are doing a free gig with me compering in the Waterloo area.

Exact time and place to be announced on twitter slightly nearer the time, follow either @jefftest or @loiterers

Here is the leaflet please circulate widely.

3 comments on “Punk on the Thames – 26th September 2015

  1. We’ve also got an anti-gentrification “fuck parade” with mobile sound systems organised by Class War up the road in Shoreditch at 7pm which is going to be affected, not great when the last one was attacked by nazis. I did post the flyer for the event, but this was removed… so we are all inviting our friends to let them know about your event and you are hiding our event. Solidarity :l

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