We have just added a form to the site where you can put in your email address (name is optional, we know some folk like to stay anonymous) and we will send you an occasional email about what Mark is up to, show updates, things you can get involved in, new stuff in the store (should be more stickers and maybe a DVD or two before Christmas) and anything else we think is worthy of your attention. You can subscribe here:

Order status

Once again, thanks for all the orders from the new store, we have now caught up with the backlog and are sorry for the delay on many of the orders, We were a little overwhelmed in the first few days of the book launch and really weren’t prepared for such a huge number! Things running normally again now so you shouldn’t have to wait long before we ship your next order. Enjoy the book and watch out for more fun stuff arriving around September

Thank you for your orders

Please bear with us while we get the books and other merch in the post, we’ve been really surprised by the number of orders over the last week and didn’t really gear ourselves up for such a volume! We now have ample stocks and will be packing and labelling madly until we get yours out to you. Cheers!

Future Gigs

It’s been a bit of a marathon to upload all the details but we now have all the info available on  summer and autumn gig dates on the site for a mixture of shows including the new show (Trespass) and reprises of the wonderful Bravo Figaro! and Cuckooed shows. There are a few of the dates showing on the front page, but if you want to see all of them, they are here: TOUR DATES