Cuckooed in New York

The God of Visas has smiled upon him and Mark is now in New York until 21st November performing Cuckooed at the 59e59 Theatre (near the south east corner of Central Park).

The show won the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression award 2014.

So tell your American friends and comrades, and anyone lucky enough to be on holiday in the area come and say hello.

There is a discount of 20% with the code THOMASNYC – details are on the attached flyer.


2 comments on “Cuckooed in New York

  1. The New York Show ( Congratulations! )

    As a ‘new’ fan Mark I wish you well with the ‘gig’ in New York, but I have to notify you up front ‘I’ shan’t be coming. No I won’t be crossing the big pond to support you in person & on this occasion I won’t be joining ‘the audience’ nor asking for any ‘spare’ tickets. And no this is not meant to be a petty snipe at the USA nor an insult of the American people – its for good ( i.e. sound ) ‘ideological’ reasons!

    ” The women are vixens & the men are sportsobsessed brutes ”
    ( Sayyid Qutb )

    Did you say you were lucky to get a ‘visa’ to perform this time & that this site is currently under the watchful eye of the FBI, aghhhh! F..k em!

  2. * On Being Cuckoo’ed ( the solution! )

    In terms of ‘global’ politic, the solution to not being cuckoo’ed as a human race? Well its time to face up to the challenge of Human personality, the flaws of greed, pride ( & indeed those couplet ‘weaknesses’, that laziness of thought & complacency that often goes with it! ). That plus importantly the nature of ‘power’ & the ‘subjugation’ of people by means no other than religion ( a ‘wrathful’ God & his representatives ) & consequently ‘fear’ of the most extreme & terrible forms of imaginable violence!.


    See ‘Gangsterism’ as the ‘secular’ variant to the above.

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