Have you been fined for Swearing in Salford?

We’ll pay your fine!

Fuck the council have a swear on us!

For the background on yet another stupid council idea check the Guardian article here.

When Mark performed at the Lowry earlier this year he organised a swear box and collected £400. Enough to pay off the first 4 fines! So if you’ve been fined for swearing drop us a line and we’ll pay it off!

We also have these badges in the merch store (stocks arriving 6th April) – yes more badges for fuck’s sake!


5 comments on “Have you been fined for Swearing in Salford?

  1. I’ve never sworn in my life because it’s just silly and it’s not clever, but what cunt came up with this?

  2. I’m planning a coach tour of sweary eastenders, to Salfords Knob Hill..Dont worry we’ll pay our own fines.

  3. Don’t you think that giving them money, for what would have been a, none money making stupid idea,it counterproductive? what do you do if you see someone being bullied,punch yourself in the face.

  4. I’m fucking Irish for fucks sake. If I don’t fucking swear there’ll be no fucking puncuation in any of my fucking sentences!

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