Episode #4!!!


Isolation has helped slow the spread of COVID-19, but it’s left many of us aching for company. In the fourth episode of his podcast, health workers open up to Mark Thomas about the loneliness of lockdown. Mark, meanwhile, reveals he has ballet danced through his darkest days, much to his mum’s dismay.

Hosted by Mark Thomas, sound by Helen Atkinson, produced by Nicolas Kent, produced by Susan McNicholas and photography by Franklyn Rodgers 20 August 2020

Episode #3 of new podcast is now up.

It’s Good to talk

Coronavirus has made conversation complicated. It also means there are lots of difficult things that need to be said. In the third episode of his lockdown podcast, Mark Thomas talks to health workers about communication. Mark’s mum, meanwhile, cheerfully contemplates her own demise.

Hosted by Mark Thomas, sound by Helen Atkinson, produced by Nicolas Kent, produced by Susan McNicholas and photography by Franklyn Rodgers 13 August 2020


Latest podcast is up – Episode #2

COVID-19 has left us all feeling exposed, Mark Thomas and his mum Margaret included. In the second episode of his coronavirus podcast, Mark calls front-line health and care workers to chat about PPE, vulnerability and the urge to protect. His mum, meanwhile, shares a novel use for gin.

Download Episode #2 – https://wellcomecollection.org/articles/XyL-NxAAACAADrLk

Mark Thomas’s Lockdown Check-up’ is a six-part podcast commissioned by Wellcome Collection. New episodes are published every Thursday.

The podcast is written and presented by Mark Thomas, the sound editor is Helen Atkinson, and the producers are Nicolas Kent and Susan McNicholas. Photography by Franklyn Rodgers.

Photo by Franklyn Rodgers for Wellcome Collection.

Mark Thomas’s Lockdown Check-up – Episode #1

Comedian and activist Mark Thomas has moved back in with his mum for the duration of the pandemic. He’s 57 and she’s 85. He says she’s curmudgeonly; she says he’s the most aggravating person on the planet. In this six-part podcast, he reflects on their lockdown life together while investigating the wider impact of COVID-19.

Every night, Mark calls health and care workers across the country for a chat. Humbling and often heartbreaking, these conversations reveal what life is like on the coronavirus front line.

Episode #1 is out now – https://wellcomecollection.org/series/XwROKRQAAGwR-YMk

Photo by Franklyn Rodgers for Wellcome Collection

Mark Thomas’s Lockdown Check-up

“Stop press!” is a fantastically out of date expression and I suppose the modern equivalent is “Don’t press send!” However…

Stop press!

New podcast starts on Thursday 30th July! Mark Thomas’s Lockdown Check-up.

I have spent lockdown in isolation with my 85 year old mother who is a wonderfully cantankerous bloody minded great grandmother, who I am sure has been the muse for more than one Roald Dahl character. 
Throughout this time I have retreated into the guest room (the cell) to record conversations with health and care workers about their lives and experiences working in the pandemic. The results are candid, funny, tender and raw.

Weaving between my experience with my mum and the testimony from health workers I attempt to follow the hopes, fears and frustrations during this f*cking mad time.

The podcasts are commissioned by Wellcome Collection and are published weekly from 30th July at 10am.

This is where to find each episode https://wellcomecollection.org/stories
Also check out their website, it is worth a meander! 


Podcast recording 11th March

Award winning writer, performer and provocateur Mark Thomas records the first in his new podcast series, “Brit-ish” Monday 11th March at 19:00

Lush Studio Soho
67-71 Beak Street

Join Mark Thomas, Jonny and the Baptists AND the Commoners Choir (all 50 of them) for a once only show to create a new national anthem! Now more than ever we need a song that defines us, that celebrates us and one we can sing as if we are enjoying it rather than look like we are burying a local civic dignitary we hardly knew. Face it, the old anthem is so dull even the Queen doesn’t sing it and it’s about her!

Join Mark and the gang as they delve into the murky world of anthems and help compose new lyrics for our song of the future. No longer will we celebrate the Queen or bashing the Sots. Ours will be an anthem for hope and joy and a winning tune…
Imagine the Eurovision song competition meets Ian Dury, Mary Beard and a military band.

We have one night only to overturn centuries of tradition and establish ourselves as the voice of a modern Britain so join us in celebrating all that is great about being Brit-ish.

Tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/brit-ish-with-mark-thomas-tickets-57809705385