The RBS Way Walk

Interested in taking part of The RBS Way Walk? Read on!


What is the RBS Way Walk?

The RBS Way Walk is the walk situated outside of RBS’ main office near London’s Liverpool street You have to chalk up 15m area outside the entrance of the building and walk the 15m area 666 times. This is roughly equivalent to a 10k walk.

What you will need

  • A supporting team (minimum of at least one person to count to 666 laps and to sort out the stopwatch as well). The more people there are: the easier for them to help you. They can take pictures, give you water etc. Realistically you don’t need any more than 2 people, but if people want to cheer you on – that is equally great!
  • A piece of chalk (to mark the distance)
  • A tape measurer to calculate the 15m distance
  • Hi-Visibility Jackets for you and your support team
  • Water and Energy bars. You will be doing a 10k walk, so remember to stay hydrated. It will roughly take you 2 hours, so plan accordingly
  • Camera or phone camera. Get your support team to take pictures
  • A stopwatch (or similar device) to record the time of your walk

Marking out the route

  1. Go to the side of the triangle and mark a start point in chalk, measure 15 metres along two sides of the triangle (the third side is the banks front door)
  2. Mark out the 15 metre distance
  3. Walk the 15 metres 666 times
  4. Get your support to mark off how many times you have traveled the 15 metres, take photos and provide water
  5. Loiter
  6. When you finish, record your time and send it in to us (with some pictures) so we can put it on the website

Interested in taking part?

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